Thursday, August 5, 2010


As I look at the Christian Education and Discipleship Done in the Churches as well as done by most Christian Organization working among youth, One of the serious lacking is Christian youngsters are not shaped in developing A Christian Mind. The Most Stress is given on Quiet Time, Bible Study which is moreover stressing on the side of heart and neglecting the side of mind, hence most youth are incapable of articulating proper doctrines, lacks understanding of Why we Believe What we believe, hence most are totally incapable of facing Tough Challenges posed by other non-christian faiths.

There is serious aversion found among youth workers and minister in the employing of Mind in the Pursuit of Spirituality, as if Mind has nothing to do with Spirituality. Jesus Taught "LOVE YOUR GOD WITH ALL YOUR MIND" and Apostle Paul says " BE TRANSFORMED BY RENEWING YOUR MIND" not REMOVING YOUR MIND" . But the sad fact with All Youth Ministries Particularly in India is stressing ONLY ON HEART SIDE.

We are Not Training our Youngsters CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS (LOGICAL SKILLS), COMPARATIVE RELIGIONS and SOLID APOLOGETICS AND THEOLOGY. We assume teaching simply Bible is Enough though that is true for one's spiritual life but not ENOUGH when we discuss and share our Faith with Others. The Challenges from Other faiths has been growing particularly from ISLAM who are well versed with bible, biblical theology, issues of canons, comparative religions, whereas on the other side of us, we are totally deficient, defensive and incapable to meet their challenges head on.

In this arena, where there is knowledge explosion we cannot remain ill-informed, ill-prepared and if we do it will be only to our peril. Let us Redefine our whole Discipleship Process where we impart training our youngster with THEOLOGY, APOLOGETICS, COMPARATIVE RELIGIONS, LOGICAL SKILLS and Make them True Soldiers of Christ who are not on the side of defensive But are Offensive in DESTROYING EVERY SPECULATION AND ARGUMENTS"